Dental Articles

Dr. Michael G. Christensen is the original author of each of the articles on this list. Each of the articles was printed between 1999 and 2010 in either the "Daily Miner and News" or "The Enterprise" which are both newspapers in Kenora, Ontario.


Dental Articles

Allergies In Dentistry

Alternative Preventive Treatments

Antibiotic Premedication for Dental Work

Antibiotics in Dentistry

But it Doesn’t Hurt

What can I do about my canker sores

Christmas and Teeth

Complete Exam vs Specific Exam

Crowns in Mexico

Decay Under Existing Crowns

Dental Anesthesia Part 2

Greetings From the World of Dentistry

Dental Drills

Specialties - Endodontics

Specialties - Oral Pathology

Specialties - Oral Radiology

Specialties - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Specialties - Orthodontics

Specialties - Prosthodontics

Specialties - Pediatric Dentistry

How Does A Tooth Get A Cavity?


What does fluoride in the water do?

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Knocked Out

Cold Sores

What should I do about my cold sores?

Mouth Guards

Clenching and Bruxing


When a filling breaks

When a filling breaks

Dental Challenges - 18-30 Years Old

Dental Challenges 30-40 Years Old

Dental Challenges 40-50 Years Old

Dental Challenges 50-60 Years Old

Dental Challenges 60-70 Years Old

Dental Challenges 70-80 Years Old

Dental Challenges 80+ Years Old

Dental Challenges 2-9 Years Old

Dental Challenges 9-18 Years Old

Dental Challenges Under 2 Years Old

Follow up to Specialties Series


Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Stays and Dentistry

How are Your Gums?

How Do I Choose a Dentist?

How often do I need a cleaning?

Dental Insurance Coverage

Local Anesthetic

More Information On Wisdom Teeth

More on Dental Insurance

More Preventive Ideas


New Challenges for Young People's Teeth

New Facts on Prevention of Tooth Decay

The Year End Rush

Taking care of your teeth as you age

Three Dental Challenges

Oral Cancer

Quality Dental Care

Rubber Dams

Second Opinion

Sinus Pressure and Tooth Pain

Something New About Fluoride in the Water

Specialties - Periodontics

Specialties in Dentistry

Specialties - Dental Anesthesiology

Specialties - Dental Public Health

Stages of Tooth Decay

Stick Up for Yourself

Technology and Santa

The Green(er) Dental Office

The Season of Candy

The value of an Appointment

Effective Anesthesia

What can you tell me about dental insurance?

What do I need to know about x-rays?

When my crown wears out, what happens to the gold?

When should a child first visit the dentist?

Why Bother to Fix Baby Teeth?

Why do fillings wear out?

Why Do I Need a Checkup?

Why do I Need a Cleaning?

Why Does One Dentist Give Different Advice Than Another?

Why tell the dentist about my medical history?

Why would a practice move its office?